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Heating Installation from the Professionals at Guardian

In the Centennial, your heating system is a necessity. Having an unreliable heating system can be dangerous to your family because of how cold and dry the weather is here. Guardian is here to keep your family comfortable and safe! We perform heating installation and replacement services to industry standards that keep your family safe and warm all winter long. We’re here to provide the highest quality service to the Centennial area.

The Difference with Professional Heating Installation 

Though a homeowner might not be able to tell the difference between professional and amateur heating installation there is a huge difference. A heating system must be sized specifically to each home, and boiler and radiant heating systems have complex pipework that need to be installed.

A poorly sized forced-air heater will short-cycle, constantly turning on and off because it’s either providing too much heat or can’t provide enough to complete a full heating cycle. Also, an incorrectly installed boiler or hydronic heater might spring a leak which could be devastating to your home and cause incessant water damage. Trust us, get your heater installed the right way. Call the professionals today!

Is a Heater Replacement Necessary?

There are HVAC companies that will tell you you need a new heating system, when your heater may only need repair or maintenance. That is why it’s necessary to find a contractor that you can trust. Like we mentioned earlier, we’re here to keep your family comfortable, healthy and safe, that’s why we got started in the HVAC industry.

When you have an aging system that begins to have issues, it is generally time to look into a heating system replacement. If it costs you a lot of money and peace of mind by requiring continuous repairs, then you might be better off with a new replacement system. Sometimes there is a higher cost to keeping an aging system, even if it still works adequately. Contact us and we can help you with different options.

If you need a furnace installation you’re in the right place!

Keeping you comfortable is our goal – if you need an heating system installation call us for details. We can service your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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HVAC Financing Available!

To make your purchase more affordable, we offer financing for our customers. Contact us to learn more.

This past year we had Kurt, with Guardian Heating and Air, out to our house to install a mini-split system. We took Kurt‘s recommendation on the sizing of what we needed for our home. WE  COULDN’T BE HAPPIER!!!!! Kurt’s attention to detail and level of professionalism made for a quick and clean installation.  I work as a heavy civil construction superintendent, and having good contractors with a high level of integrity is key to a successful project. I may be in a different trade, but Guardian Heating and Air is somebody I would like to have on my team.

Christopher D. , Ft. Collins, CO


Centennial and Surrounding Areas


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We offer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to Centennial & Surrounding Areas

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